Higher Secondary Vocational (Govt. Aided )
Forms with prospectus for Rs.50/- only is available after the publication of the West Bengal Class X (Madhyamik) Results.
 On-line Form can be downloaded   (but has to be hand submitted )
Admission Procedure
Shortlisted candidates based on their Madhyamik marks are called for interview before the finalizing the list of selected candidates. 
Interested candidates may collect the forms from the institute's office.  Inquires by phone are discouraged.
All information will be displayed at the institute's notice board and this website.
The following points may be noted. For details regarding the course follow  the link  COURSES -> HS  of this website.
Working hours:       9.45 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday
                                      9.45 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. on Saturdays
                                      Special stress is laid on attendance during the start of Prayer at 9.45 a.m.
Holidays: The institute has a list of holidays for 30 days in a calendar year apart from summer vacation as per norms.
Higher Secondary Vocational courses are full-time courses with having sessional marks for class/workshop work in many subjects. Skills learnt on one day are invariably linked with the training imparted on the next day. Hence for securing good training great stress is laid on full attendance.  Minimum compulsory attendance is 75%. Students with less attendance may be debarred from appearing in the final exams.
Uniform: Two sets of White shirt ; Navy Blue full trouser ;  Blue sweater for winter.
Hostel Facilities: No hostel facility is available. However many students stay in rented rooms in nearby locations outside the campus.
Concessions: Railway concession is available in the local trains for students commuting daily from their homes to the institute.
Scholarships: About 5 students who are meritorious but financially weak are provided with scholarships every year.
Library: All text books have to compulsorily procured by students for the courses. However our Library has a rich resource of study materials including syllabus books for issue and reference. 
Extra curricular activities
Games like volleyball, football, cricket; gardening; participation on special occasions like Vishwakarma and Saraswati Pujas; programs in Belurmath as volunteers; publication of Annual Souvenir, wall magazine; occasional excursion.
Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the campus. Students failing to follow this discipline may be fined or if necessary discharged from the course.
Undertaking from Trainees
On joining the institute the candidates will be required to give an undertaking to abide by the discipline of the Institute, to take care of the tools and equipment entrusted to their charge, not to discontinue the course, and to confirm to any other conditions prescribed in the interest of the course. If they fail to fulfill the terms of the undertaking they may have to face disciplinary action including fines or may have to even forfeit their seat.