Trade Turner
The modern lathe, a machine tool developed during the last 200 years that turns a metal piece held against a cutting tool to remove metal and bring the work into different sizes and forms like threads, has practically given shape to our present industrial civilization by manufacturing varieties of machine components and products to great accuracies. Turner Craftsman learns all related lathe operations including various types of thread cutting. An 8-week module on CNC machining has also been introduced in the latest syllabus.
The work of the Turner craftsman, which is under the machinist family of trades, may include:
  •   Manufacture of small quantities of custom made components that may be part of a larger machine tool, or piece of custom built plant or equipment.
  •   Manufacture of large quantities of identical components for inclusion in mass-produced consumer items such as motor cars, trucks, plant and                 equipment. 
  • Modification or manufacture of replacement parts for existing machine tools, plant or equipment that have become worn or damaged while in service.
Typical work is in the manufacturing, mining, automotive, marine and aeronautical industries. Machining of cast, forged or fabricated components is common place because only machining can produce the accuracy of size, shape and surface finish that are necessary for operation and interchangeability between precision running components.
Apart from Government sector, greater and lucrative job opportunities are now focused on CNC lathe and CNC milling. Students should be willing to travel to other parts of India like Gujarat, Maharshtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Orissa where there is great demand in Private sector manufacturing and production industries. However lathe operator is always a requirement even in local  industry.
Further learning pathways:
Detailed Turning operations in all-geared lathes as taught in the course form a solid base and students of our last two sessions have undergone advanced CNC turning and milling courses from CTTC, Bonhooghly, Kolkata at highly subsidized fees rates. 
Short-term advanced courses in Milling are preferred for career openings.
Higher Studies
Some students opt to go for diploma engineering studies through JEXPO or VOCLET (lateral entry to second year). Advanced
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Course Description
Duration  Entry Qualification   Intake capacity per unit  Minimum Age limit
2 years                Class X                              16                                          14